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Reliant HR is dedicated to helping businesses improve their Personnel Management function by assisting in the development and implementation of sound practices and programs.  We provide a broad range of outsourced Human Resource services; including employee handbooks, benefits administration, policy development and implementation, training, salary program development and position-specific recruitment.

Reliant HR serves a wide range of industries; with employee counts from 5 to 500.   When a business owner needs help with a problem, they receive personal service and  the peace of mind that they are dealing with the same principal each time they call, ensuring consistency in the advice and guidance provided.

Unlike other HR service providers, who are burdened by their own size, Reliant HR offers a more personal, direct approach with a business owner.  We treat our clients as an investment in our own future   If your company is struggling with increased turnover, morale issues, citations from the Department of Labor, or a visit from the NYS Division of Human Rights or the EEOC, then contact Reliant HR for veteran HR advice and services that will secure your peace of mind.

The Employee
Handbook is the
most common -
and perhaps the most valuable- of all written instructional tools in business.

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With new rules and
regulations being
introduced each year, ensuring regulatory compliance has
never been more

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