- Employee Handbook Services
The Employee Handbook is the most common - and perhaps the most valuable - of all written instructional tools in business. read more

- Human Resource Audits

The HR audit provides us with the baseline ‘snapshot’ of a businesses’ HR health. read more

- Job Description Development
Job Descriptions are an important personnel tool for several reasons. read more

- Management Policy Guides
It's vital to the success of any organization that all employees are treated fairly and consistently; and that Supervisors equally apply Company policies to their subordinates.

- Recruiting Support
The recruiting process can be a time consuming and arduous process.  Between placing the ads, sorting through resumes and conducting interviews, it barely leaves you enough time to focus on your work.  There’s a lot to it, and our Recruiting Support program helps shrink that down to a manageable level.  Through our affiliates, we’ll provide the tools and process to help you find the right person for the job. "

- Benefits Administration
Enrolling employees into your benefit plans can be a hassle, especially around Open Enrollment.  We have working relationships with many of the local benefit brokers, and can help with annual plan selection, coordinating the enrollment process, and performing maintenance work such as monthly bill auditing and enrolling new employees for you.

- Salary Administration Programs and Wage Studies

With new regulatory attention being given to pay practices, it’s good to know that yours are in line with others in the marketplace; and that they’re fairly applied.  Our ability to assemble comparative wage data and develop pay ranges allows you better control over your payroll expenses and can identify any disparities that may need to be addressed.  

- Regulatory Compliance
There’s no such thing as the compliance fairy.  Regulations change frequently…do you know what your obligations are?  We’ll help you navigate through the swamp and keep you informed as requirements change or are added.

- Disciplinary Recommendation Review
In business, sometimes it’s necessary to have to discipline or terminate employees.  It’s helpful to know that you’re on sound legal ground before taking that step.  Our review of the circumstances in advance can help you know how to best handle these situations.

- Termination Actions
Terminations are never a pleasant experience.  But too often they become protracted and can be handled poorly.  Emotions sometimes get the better of people.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Let us help with drafting the notices, assisting in the action and working to make it a quick, simple process for you.

- Performance Review System Development
Performance reviews, although time consuming, can be a valuable tool to improve employee development and address performance problems when done properly. Our systems are developed with your input so that maximum value is attained.  You’ll find them easy to implement and a resource to insulate you against the potential for a future claim of wrongdoing.

- Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Training
Harassment & discrimination issues are a huge problem for businesses today.  Awards from claims and litigation have the potential to put a company out of business.  Our separate employee and management-level training programs follow a best practices philosophy of being proactive, educating the workforce and implementing a policy and procedure in the event of an incident.  These simple steps go a long way to minimize a business's exposure.

- ADA and FMLA Compliance
Recent changes to these 2 federal regulations have expanded their scope and created headaches for a number of businesses.  Our guidance in these 2 laws and how they interact with each other, as well as with other laws is effective in ensuring consistency and compliance.