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Q – What types of services do you offer?
A - Our services are based on what your needs are.  You can choose an annually renewable contract, which most clients do because it offers them the best value; or a project-specific or ala carte basis.  You use us as much or as little as you need.  In some cases our clients call us only when they need to while in others, we implement and execute the entire HR function for a company.

Q – How is your work priced?
A – Our client contracts are priced based on the size of the company and how much HR implementation is required.  Fees are payable monthly and work is detailed in monthly activity reports.  As the contract duration extends and many of the systems are put in place, the arrangement becomes more of a consultation and maintenance relationship and the cost is adjusted accordingly.  

Q - How long do you typically work with a client?
A - Our approach is always to look at our work as an investment in the success of a business.  We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and in many current cases have been with clients for up to 10 years.  Our oldest client has been with us over 20.
Q - Do we have to have a certain number of employees to need your services?
A - No, we have clients with as few as 5 and as many as 400 employees.  No matter the number of employees, there’s always a need for some level of personnel management. 

Q - What if we already have an HR Department?
A - A number of our clients have a fully functioning HR Department.  We support those departments by absorbing certain tasks and assisting with projects and other Human Resource matters.  This increases departmental productivity.

Q – What are the benefits of your services?
A – Companies who have used us have been able to benefit from the confidence that the policies and procedures we help implement are in line with current state and federal regulations.  They also realize streamlined personnel management and better operational efficiency.  The systems we put in place help the HR function run more smoothly and consistently.