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- Sexual Harassment Investigation and Training
New York State Human Rights Law, as well as Title VII of the US Civil Rights Law makes it an unlawful employment practice for employers to discriminate against any individual because of the individual's age, race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, military status, sex or marital status

Having a comprehensive policy, as well as a complaint and disciplinary procedure in place to prevent harassment or discrimination is critical. However, these alone will not prevent occurrences in the workplace. It is only through training that your employees will learn to change their attitudes and behavior. We have developed a program to help you maintain compliance with current regulations; and to teach your staff what does and what does not constitute harassment or discrimination. There is also a separate training program for Management to help them understand their responsibilities in the event of a harassment incident.

- Effective Interviewing Skills
We have a training program titled “Effective Interviewing Skills”, which we have developed to assist Managers in identifying top talent, selecting the right individual for the job, and avoiding the potential pitfalls that can arise from asking the right question the wrong way.

- Employment Regulations
As our policy guide establishes the ‘how-to’ of Management procedures, the training sessions that we hold with Management and Supervisory staff on State and Federal regulations emphasizes the ‘why’. The sessions will give Managers and Ownership a base of education regarding the rationale behind these procedures and help to minimize the client's employment liability.

Employee Management Training