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The Employee Handbook is the most common - and perhaps the most valuable - of all written instructional tools in business. In addition to providing workers with essential information about the organization, its services, the facilities for employees, personnel rules, and the benefit plans; the handbook can help set a positive, motivational tone that establishes a framework for the working relationship between Management and employees and helps prevent disputes and misunderstandings over Company rules.

From a Management perspective, the handbook is a convenient form of administrative control. Through distribution of the manual, Management establishes the fact that all employees have been made aware of the organization's method of doing business. It also helps ensure that company rules and regulations are applied equitably and reasonably.

A company that spells out exactly what Management and employees expect from one other and then enforces those guidelines uniformly and fairly is less likely to experience high turnover, poor morale, and low productivity.

We will work with you to develop a manual which meets the standards for regulatory compliance, as well as providing a basis for a sound Human Resource system.

If you presently have a handbook, we will review the current version of your handbook, work with you to identify the key items to be included in a revised version; make recommendations on any policies mandated by the state or federal government; and draft and develop the final product for you. 
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