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The number of forms that have to be processed whenever an employee is medically out of work can be a burden.  Whether through of our network of professional affiliations and service providers; or managed internally, we help take that burden off your hands;  bringing the function off-site and where necessary, offering third-party management for you; allowing you to focus on your operation.

- Disability/Leave of Absence/FMLA/ADA Consultation
We can assist in coordinating and managing the paperwork necessary when an employee goes out on leave for Workers’ Compensation, Family Medical Leave or a Leave of Absence. We also can track absence time, address requests for Reasonable Accommodation under the ADA, and assist with return to work issues for our clients. 

- Document Control (C-2, DB-450, etc.)
In coordination with the above services, we process the necessary forms when an employee has to be absent from work for an extended period of time

- COBRA Administration
With all of the changes to the COBRA laws within the past year, we provide notice of eligibility for COBRA, track election notices and coordinate re-enrollment and billing for individuals who have elected COBRA..

- Unemployment Claim Auditing and Protest
Similar to Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Insurance rates are experience rated. The fewer claims against your company, the lower the rate. Providing adequate documentation was compiled, you greatly improve your chances of winning a claim. We audit your monthly experience charge sheet to insure that only those claims which are valid are charged to your account; and protest new claims when the circumstances warrant.

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